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Skittles became a part of our family after narrowly escaping a euthanasia date at a local shelter. Before joining LHBR, he had an irresponsible owner who allowed him to roam freely, leading to three encounters with animal control. Skittles isn't particularly fond of furry companions and will be undergoing training to develop a positive relationship with his canine siblings. The cost of Skittles' training program is $3,000.


To contribute to Skittles' training requirements, kindly refer to our "Ways To Help" tab for donation options. When making your donation, please include "Skittles" in the description. We appreciate your support!


Following Skittles' training, we are seeking a foster or adopter for him. Feel free to email us with any inquiries or complete a foster/adoption application available on the respective tabs on our website.

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