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Vinny has completed his board and train with Positive Only Pups and is looking for a foster, foster-to-adopt or adoptive home! 


Vinny is a 2 year old, 60 pound, sweetheart. His trainer has been kind enough to include some things in his adoption!

Vinny’s adoption includes..
- His custom muzzle.
- Two free training sessions.
- Complete training guide tailored to Vinny
- Few of his favorite toys

Vinny is a gentle soul, he loves love. He is also 100% a good boy. His foster mommy says he can do no wrong! Vinny often follows her around the house, and lays down to watch her while she cooks or cleans.

Vinny is potty trained. He knows sit, down, and his personal favorite, shake. He loves to give you his paw when you’re petting him. He does not enjoy the crate too much but only because he’s been in it for most of his life. He is however, able to be left out when you’re not home.


If you can foster or adopt Vinny please reach out to us! 

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