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Our Mission

Lucci’s House Bully Rescue is dedicated to the compassionate rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of bully breeds. We advocate for their well-being and promote responsible ownership. We strive to create a community that values and supports these misunderstood breeds, working towards a future where every bully breed finds a loving and permanent home.



Our rescue is dedicated to saving dogs listed for euthanasia at local shelters due to medical needs. Currently, we have dogs requiring expensive medical procedures, and we are urgently seeking donations to cover these expenses. Please take a moment to review the profiles of our dogs in need of medical assistance, and if you are able, consider making a donation. Your support makes a significant difference, and we sincerely appreciate your generosity. Thank you for standing with us in our mission!


We have several incredible dogs that have successfully completed extensive board and train programs. They are now ready for foster or adoption! Take a moment to read through their inspiring stories and consider opening your home to foster or adopt one of these amazing dogs. The hard work has been done, and each dog's trainer will continue to provide support as they transition into their new homes. 


As one of the few bully-breed rescues in the Indianapolis area that takes in dogs with behavioral issues, we have a number of incredible dogs in need of training programs before they can find their forever homes. Please consider donating to help fund their training programs! Your generosity plays a crucial role in transforming their lives and ensuring they find loving homes. Most of these dogs are also in need of foster homes to settle into both before and after their training. If you have the capacity to provide a temporary and caring environment for these dogs, please reach out!


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